11 Ways to Cure a Dreaded Hangover

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We chugged water, taken pills, and even rolled in the sheets to relieve our cranium that was throbbing. Here’s what We tried…

You know better than to purchase anything tagged “hangover remedy” for the mornings after a crazy night, but there must be something out there to relieve the headache, nausea, and general awareness of feeling like crap—right?

We went to the pros with your list of hangover treatments (thank you, Facebook enthusiasts) and asked them what actually works. There is no one solution to repair all the symptoms of a hangover and while the research on this subject is restricted, a couple things can help facilitate issues that are particular.

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H2O is essential to treat a hangover. Alcohol is a diuretic and can cause dehydration as you probably know from the regular excursions to the toilet during a night of debauchery. (Did you understand it is also possible to drink an excessive amount of water?

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And studies have demonstrated Gatorade is no worse than water from your tap for a hangover, so save your cash.


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Tons of folks— not or hungover —use a cup of joe feel attentive at work and to wake up. But a trip to Starbucks will not give continuing gains to you, and caffeine can treat and cause migraines and head aches, so this one is a personal taste. If you do a cup to treat a hangover down, make sure you drink water, also, since studies indicate caffeine causes dehydration. Here’s the Best Way To Brew the Best Java At Home.
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“Awful thought,” Dr. Hall Flavin says. Another reason to prevent breaking open a cold one to treat a hangover: Experts concur that if you use this “treatment,” the danger of exploitation increases and could result in alcohol dependence.

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Remember when your mother gave you drink as a child when you could not keep anything down? This is great guidance for adults who have spent the night hugging the porcelain throne, also. Usually when glucose levels dip, your liver responds by generating more glucose from carbs that are stored.


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What you eat after drinking doesn’t matter—it’s what you eat before all those Jagerbombs that can help lessen the hangover the next day. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, and the longer it takes the alcohol to reach your blood stream, the longer it is until you become intoxicated.

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Ease a pounding head with a pill (or two, depending on the recommended dosage), but stick to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen), “While it’s OK for a headache, when combined with a liver that’s working overtime to metabolize alcohol, it can cause liver damage or be deadly,” says Dena Davidson, Ph.D., former associate professor of psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine.
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Go ahead if you usually take a multi, but no studies have found that any specific vitamins do anything to treat a hangover. And one night of intoxication is not enough to throw the amounts of nutrients in your body off to the stage where you need to stress. Just click here for the 59 Finest Nutritional Supplements for Guys.

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And your guilt may relieve about how much you drank. Only be certain you keep your water bottle handy so you do not become more dehydrated.

10. SEX
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“There isn’t any research that can show that sex will make a hangover go away, but maybe it will make the time go faster,” says Joris C. Verster, Ph.D., assistant professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. “If it makes you happy, go for it.”


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But in case you forgot: Restrict your drinks to about one every hour. Your blood alcohol level increases quicker, and beverage quicker and you risk a hangover.

So think before you purchase that additional round.

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