About Us

The Culture Clique is a niche online magazine that helps bridge the gap between expats and Spanish culture, the arts, events and more. We strive to stay informative, educational, while introducing the expat community old and new, to one of the best places to live in Europe!

News & Events are also available in Spanish

The Culture Clique content is dedicated to a sleuth of cultural nuances including online reviews, The Arts, Travel, and Local Events. It is a completely unique sector amongst the other lifestyle magazines and free English language newspapers.

The Culture Clique is published and edited by a dedicated team of professionals who have a wealth of contacts and experience across different topics such as culture, media and the arts. We have brought together a collection of some of the best writers throughout the cultural world, many of whom have a strong connection with the Costa Del Sol region.

Spain has one of the modern world’s oldest and richest cultures. It also hosts the largest UK ex-pat community in the world, outside of the commonwealth countries and the US. The Southern Spanish region alone is home to some 8.5 million people, of whom approximately 500,000+ are English native speakers, not all British, by any means, but together with many other nationalities, who understand English better than Spanish, and with a further great many Spanish speakers, who want to learn English, or who already speak and write it well, there is a huge scope for such a niche, but unique, magazine.