Arts and Culture – Featuring Alberto Besga

Alberta Besga’s sculptures represent a merge between the forest and the city. His sculptures represent a fusion that connects both energies, including the tree’s energy with a building or a bridge. Alberta creates solid elements that transmits specific forces like emotion and beauty.

His unique approach to design, architecture and sculpting makes his art break through normal concepts. Through textures he creates his work based on a “perfect balance” between geometrical shapes and surreal proportions.

For me, creating sculptures means painting with volumes. I visualise each image and the development in a spatial environment, transforming every thought into a work. Sculpture is the manifestation of my inner world.

Alberta Besga Bio

Alberto Besga (Vitoria, Spain, 1961) is an interior architect, industrial designer and sculptor.

In 1987 he studied interior architecture and then industrial design in 1991. Since then, he has developed his professional activity around interiorism and design.

Through the realist concept of textures and contrasts, he creates his works based on a perfect balance between geometrical shapes and aureal proportions. His works represent the fusion between the forest and the city.

He unites both energies: The tree with the building or a bridge… to finally achieve a solid element transmitting all of its force, emotion and beauty.

For him, creating sculptures is painting with volume; visualizing each image and developing it in a spatial environment, transforming each thought into a magnificent object d’art.

His true passion is the art: creating sculptures that manifest his wonderful inner world.

A few of his sculptures


Eucaliptus Building – This sculpture represents the perfect merge between the forest and the city.

Oak Bridge – The sculpture presents a careful development of art, rich in textures and contrasts. It’s conceived to rest over a concrete structure, covered with eucalyptus tree barks and leaves, carefully garnished with graphite protective patinas.

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