Barcelona and architecture by Antonio Gaudi

Barcelona´s architectural splendour by Antonio Gaudi

One stop destination and if you did not understand who Antonio Gaudi was before you visited here, then you’ll once you have left. The port-born creator left Associate in Nursing clear impression on Barcelona, that causes you to assume that even currently the person was streets sooner than his time. The people at the time of his works and various constructions must have thought he was crazy!

Although Antonio Gaudi has many works dotted around Catalunya, this article goes to focus solely on the most attractions in port town itself. Gaudi’s 1st work was to assist in building “the garden of Barcelona” – Cuitadella Park, and he designed the fountains and gates. Other works on the port area can be seen, like the benches and lamps on the walkway in the Plaça Reial, approach down Las Ramblas. Once you have seen some samples of Gaudi’s work, you’ll be able to typically guess at others – his Modernista vogue is straightforward to identify, and tough to breed.

One of the simplest samples of the man’s genius is Sat close to the highest of walkway American state Gracia street – Casa Mila, additionally referred to as “La Pedrera” or Stone quarry, thanks to the massive inscribed stones creating up the façade of the building. This is worth a visit, and is that the fourth most visited sight of town. A amount adorned housing, attic deposit with original blueprints and scale models and therefore the wonderful top terrace makes this a true sampler in Gaudi’s vogue.

In 1878, Antonio Gaudi met Count Guell – a person of wide fortune, WHO funded several of his works from then on, as well as Palau Guell, within the previous city, simply off Las Ramblas on Nou American state, La Rambla. System has only recently been taken down (April 2008) thanks to a whole cleaning of the façade and work is still going on within the building to revive the wonderful interior. Sadly (but typical in Spain) work has over run, and no-one is certain when the attraction can re-open for visitors

Another project – maybe the sole one that unsuccessful – is that the wonderful Parc Guell. This was originally designed to be Associate in nursing exclusive neighbourhood of port – aimed to imitate a people town gardens therefore loved by Count Guell. The park was to be separate into individual plots of land to be sold-out off, however the concept never took off and in 1922 the Guell family gave the overgrown park to the council WHO began restoring it. It’s currently a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage site, and it is easy to visualize why the fairytale park combines natural curves and inclines with synthetic structures that confuse and delight the simplest thanks to visit the park is backwards, because it is in face on a hill.

Finally the unfinished masterpiece that’s the Sagrada Familia Cathedral (Holy Family). This jaw-dropping structure towers on top of its neighbouring buildings and is that the landmark of town and most visited tourer attraction. The two current facades of the church seem like a cross between a melting candle and an art movement crucifixion scene. Work is constant at a slow pace however the finished article is going to be one amongst the foremost spectacular buildings in the whole world once completed. Gaudi is now revered as one of the most innovative and important architects the world has ever seen. Barcelona is a must to visit and marvel at the various buildings he created!

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