Brenan House remembers Evelyn Waugh with a Carlos Villar Conference


This day of remembrance to the British novelist will be celebrated on Friday June 23

16/06/2017 .- The Gerald Brenan House, a branch of the Culture Department of the City of Malaga, is preparing a memorial to the British writer Evelyn Waugn, contemporary Brenan. This day dedicated to the author of "A handful of dust" will be next June 23. It will begin at 18.30 with the screening of the first episode of the series "Return to Brideshead", starring Jeremy Irons and directed by Charles Sturridge and Michael Lindsay-Hogg. A lecture will be given by one of the great specialists in Waugh's work - translator of several of his books - and 20th century English literature, Carlos Villar.

His lecture "From Oxford to Brideshead: Return to Evelyn Waugh" will chart the most relevant facts of Waugh's biography, and will focus on those who inspired one of his peak works, Return to Brideshead. He will also analyze the echoes of this novel in his later work, especially the military trilogy Sword of honor; And, finally, will comment on the two film adaptations of the novel that have been carried out to date.

Carlos Villar Flor has been teaching English literature at the University of La Rioja since 1994. His research has focused on 20th century British novelists, especially English author Evelyn Waugh, from his monograph Character and Characterization in Evelyn Waugh's novels (U. Of La Rioja, 1997), through critical editions and translations of novels such as Men in Arms (Cátedra, 2003), Officers and Knights (Cátedra, 2010), Unconditional Surrender (Cátedra, 2011), Neutralia: Modern Europe by Scott (RBA, 2012), to international research books such as Waugh Without End (Peter Lang, 2005, with Robert M. Davis) and In the Picture: Fiction and Myth in Evelyn Waugh's "Sword of Honor" (Rodopi, 2014, with Donat Gallagher). As creator he has published three novels, two books of stories and three poems. He recently won the José María de Pereda 2016 short novel award from the Government of Cantabria.

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