Carlos Revilla Temporary Exhibition 26-30th Jan 2016


Carlos Revilla Temporary Exhibition

An Exhibition not to be missed!

The Marbella Ralli Museum is opening a temporary exhibition dedicated to the Peruvian artist Carlos Revilla. He belongs to the school of Magic Realism, which means in his works, you see the reflections of his worries, his obsessions and his devotion to beauty and the feminine figure. His influences include Spanish artist Salvador Dali.

He was the son of a Peruvian diplomat and a French mother. His father’s profession, his artistic formation and his trajectory led him to live in different countries, but he never lost his Peruvian roots.
In Spain he established some links in Spain with the surrealistic group, especially influenced by Salvador Dalí’s vision of the movement, with whom he shared a great friendship.

From the Surrealism to the Magical Realism, Carlos Revilla’s works are full of symbols that tell us about his inner world. His painting is also characterized by the eroticism and the peculiar presence of female figures, as we can appreciate in this exhibition.  Portraits and figures which merge with other elements, either technological, organic forms or landscapes, and which we see with an appearance of total normality.

Marbella’s Ralli Museum is located at the very heart of Costa del Sol, on the beautiful avenue that joins Marbella and Puerto Banus. Opened in 2000, it contains one of the most important Latin American art collections in Europe.

The museum is devoted to the dissemination of contemporary Latin American and European art. Highlights of its collection are the works of artists like Wilfredo Lam (Cuba), César López Claro (Argentina), Leopoldo Torres Agüero (Argentina), Antonio Seguí (Argentina), Roberto Matta (Chile), Mario Aguirre (Mexico), Víctor Quiroga (Argentina), Marc Chagall (Russia), Joan Miró (Spain), Salvador Dalí (Spain) and Giorgio de Chirico (Italy).

Tuesday 26th till Saturday 30th January 2016 10am until 3pm. Free entry.

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