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Himalayas to Harrow by Shirley Wald

3rd November 2023 0

PRESS RELEASE – November 1st, 2023 Shirley Wald (née Hughes) has lived in Torremolinos since 1977. She was born in Ferozepore in 1944 in the Northwest Punjab of India to British parents. In 1947 the Read More

The truth behind ‘expat’ life

17th February 2021 0

PRESS RELEASE – –  In a new anthology of personal and powerful stories, ten women share the emotional and practical realities of life away from ‘home’. These brutally honest essays cover the real experiences of Read More


7th January 2017 0

By Chris Karle. Have you ever read a book, watched a film or play and thought to yourself: ‘How original!’ Well, you would be wrong, because according a 19th Century writer there are only 36 Read More

10 Books To Read Before You Visit Spain

22nd December 2016 0

Spain: I expected bull-fighters, flamenco and, to quote Cole Porter, “the purple light of a summer night.” The purple nights were astounding, but I missed matadors and dancers. There were just too many other things on offer. Here Read More

V4 Vengeance by Nigel Seed

30th August 2016 0

Critique of V4 Vengeance by James Kayll of The Culture Clique   V4 Vengeance is a well-researched novel with an unusual but plausible plot.  Mothballed World War 2 German submarines, Russian mafia and three retired Read More

Could Spain be ruled by Muslims again?

24th February 2016 0

A thought-provoking book written by Paul Moorcraft The rapid conquest of much of the known world in the century or so after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD was a military miracle. Except perhaps for their Read More

Sperm On Legs

23rd September 2015 0

It was such a hot day and I was feeling every bit of the 30 plus degree weather as I travelled up the scenic yet dry mountains, of the Sierras, on my way to meet Read More