The February Arts Society Talk: The Rise & Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

The February Arts Society talk is the story of Napoleon’s sensational rise to power from the modest position of son of a Corsican lawyer to become French Emperor.

During this time he appointed his brother Joseph to rule Spain, though behind the scenes the Spanish called him Pepe La Botella on account of his alcoholism. A decisive battle took place at Vitoria in 1813 when a combined force under the Duke of Wellington forced the Napoleonic armies back from Spain into France. The talk will cover his marriage to Josephine, his relationship with the Duke of Wellington and his remarkable place within history.

Educated at New College Oxford our speaker Stephen Duffy is a former senior curator of London’s popular gallery the Wallace Collection. He is an expert on 19th Century painting.

The event takes place on the 25th of February at Benahavis Town Hall  promptly at 6.30 pm. Please feel free to join us for this exciting and informative lecture.

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