The Gibraltar Cyber Security Summit – June 13th 2017 @ Sunborn Luxury Yacht Hotel, Gibraltar

GIB Cyber 2017

The Internet is a channel for our prosperity. Is can also be an open door for undesirables to

come straight into our homes, schools, and businesses and take away what we hold dear. That

might be our hard-won rewards, or even our identity. Criminals and self-styled cyber warriors –

from the teenager in the back bedroom to the nation state can make us unwitting accomplices in

their quest for kudos, economic, or political supremacy.

We have our protectors. The police and other forces are running after these adversaries with

some success. They are taking down their websites and tracing the perpetrators. Sometimes.

No cyber citizen can rely on prevention, or the fear of arrest as a deterrent to keep cyber villains

– and the old-time villains using technology in their crimes – from making them a victim.

Now is a time of inevitable risk and you too must be forewarned and forearmed. That is why GibCyber are assembling a world-class presence in Gibraltar this summer.

 Get safe…

This is the first event of its kind in Gibraltar for the businesses on the rock.  GibCyber are bringing the ‘best in class’ across public and private sector cyber security experts to:

Educate – Inform – Entertain – Shock – Empower – Share – Engage – Interact –

Captivate – Protect – Prevent to Secure Businesses and Protect Families.

This event will be a colourful 21st Century show, delivering serious messages and lessons in cyber safety.   Delegates will benefit from an invigorating and stimulating experience that will be a rallying call to take back to their businesses, public authorities, community groups, and families.

Speakers and exhibitors will work with our organising team to harness creativity, technical prowess, and sensitivity to the vulnerable human element. This even will deliver the vanguard of people empowerment to assist their government/police/island in fighting cybercrime.

The main auditorium stage will host presentations and shows that will channel all these elements of informing and enabling.  GibCyber have carefully selected keynotes who are adept in highlight the seriousness of cyber security challenge in entertaining and creative ways.

The experience will be immersive with audience interaction, audio-visual and intersections.

Family friendly

At 5:00 p.m. the exhibition area opens to the public for family and children protection.

Give aways – Talks – Interaction – Video Shows – Treasure hunt. More details to


Cyber issues and topics covered range from:  Staff and Human Nature – Live Attack Demos

  • Social Media and Social Engineering – Information Data Law and Compliance – Business Risks
  • Health/Medical Devices – Espionage – Crime Syndicates and High Profile Attacks – Insurance Risks – Email and Data Leakage – Business Continuity – Current & Future

Threats – Shipping – Family and Future Generation Protection – Knowledge Exchanges – Utility Exploits – Cross Device Protection from Smart Phones to Drones –

Tackling Cyber Crime and Legislation –Advice Panels – What can you do?

As seen on TV! The event will be hosted by Dr Daniel Dresner.

For more information please visit

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