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Hannah Murry TRE

In November 2013, I was browsing the internet and came across a blog that an American journalist had written. Throughout 2013 she had decided to post a photograph to her blog that she had taken (or someone had taken of her) every day! I thought that was a great idea, and wished that I had the discipline to do the same. Then I thought, well, why not? So I decided that throughout 2014, I would do the same thing, but uploading the picture to Facebook each day, so I could share them with my friends and family around the world. The photos were a real mixture of friends, family, and food, plus a few sunsets and pictures of my gorgeous cat, Nelly.

The year included two holidays with my boyfriend, my parents moving to Spain from the UK, a birth, a marriage, and an operation (that was mine, but the birth and marriage had nothing to do with me).

Towards the end of the year, people were asking me what I was going to do next….(I hadn’t realised I had to) but I had enjoyed the challenge of taking photos every day, and have some great memories to show for it. So I decided on a monthly challenge; 12 challenges in a year, doing something I’ve never done before, or not for a very long time.

In December I started training three times a week for a 10k run. I am not a runner at all so this was a great challenge to kick-start the year. I completed the run without walking once, so was very proud of myself.

In February, my boyfriend and I were invited to El Chorro to do some rock climbing and abseiling. There were a few tears, as it was extremely nerve-wracking hanging off the edge of a cliff by a rope, but I did it!

In March, we had a skiing lesson in Sierra Nevada. I had been skiing once, about 12 years before, and didn’t like it at all. It was about time I gave it another go. To cut a long story very short I still didn’t like it, although mainly because our instructor left us at the top of the mountain, leaving us to hobble down the mountain (as we couldn’t ski), which took us almost three hours. We may try again next year.

In April, I returned to the stage and played the part of Helga in ‘Allo Allo’ at the Salon Varietes Theatre in Fuengirola. I did drama at college, but the last show I had been in was ‘A Chorus Line’ when I was 17. I loved being back on the stage again, and hope to return again soon.

In May I did a C9 Detox cleanse, something I’ve never done before. I lost over half a stone after just 9 days of cutting out a lot of food, and only drinking water and aloe vera juice and can highly recommend it!

In June I set myself a really silly challenge of doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise every day. I am so glad that June is over now, as it’s been a real struggle fitting in 30 minutes of anything every day. It’s made me realise how busy I am.

In July I did a reading challenge. I have been hosting The Book Show on Talk Radio Europe (TRE) for about 6 years now, and sadly I don’t get (or make) enough time as I’d like to read. So with a little help from friends, I chose two books to read in the month of July. They were Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer (who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many times), and The Five People Who You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Despite many people telling me that Kane and Abel is one of the best books they’ve ever read, I actually enjoyed the Mitch Albom book more, and am looking forward to reading more of his books.

In August I challenged myself to learn to play ‘Walking in Memphis’ on the keyboard. I got myself a keyboard, and had one lesson to start me off. Bill Padley has helped me a lot too, as he’s such a pro, and a natural! It has been harder than I thought though, as I want to do it properly. So I’ve given myself September to practice a touch more (easier said than done!).

For September, as we are going to Italy, I thought that each day I will upload to Facebook an interesting fact that I learnt that day about a place we visited. I will also upload it with an accompanying picture of me eating a different flavoured ice cream, every day throughout our holiday!

In October I will be studying for, and then taking and, hopefully, passing my driving theory test. It’s about time!

In November,  I will start driving lessons in preparation for December’s challenge. My aim for November is to cook and prepare three different meals a week, never having the same meal twice.

Then in December I will take and pass my driving test. There, I’ve said it now. It has to happen! Wish me luck….

You can ‘Wake Up with Hannah’ on TRE, Monday to Friday from 8-10 am, and tune into the Book Show on Thursday’s at 7pm, repeated on Sunday’s at 8pm

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