Himalayas to Harrow by Shirley Wald

PRESS RELEASE – November 1st, 2023

Shirley Wald (née Hughes) has lived in Torremolinos since 1977. She was born in Ferozepore in 1944 in the Northwest Punjab of India to British parents. In 1947 the privileged days of the British Raj came to an end with the separation and Partition of India and what would become Pakistan. After a short stay in Pakistan the family departed forever to face the harsh realities of post-war England. Shirley spent her youth in what would become her hometown of Harrow and was educated at the Sacred Heart convent.

Growing up during London’s Swinging Sixties she then travelled throughout Europe with homes in Milan and sparkling Majorca in the late 1960’s. Later whilst living in New York she enjoyed working in the trending Big Apple. Living most of her life in Spain, at the time of the property boom of the Costa del Sol she worked at Miraflores and ultimately for Miraflores Golf, a private members’ club.

Like her mother, Shirley is also an artist, successfully using pastel chalks for her preferred theme of very large flowers. Events which occurred with her parents turned her interest towards spirituality, and she has brought enlightenment to enhance Mind Body and Spirit to a vast group of devotees.

Shirley’s journalist brother encouraged her to write every day and so she became a diarist. A group of friends formed a writing circle, Loose Leaf Women where short stories were exchanged over several years. During the Covid lockdown and armed with a wealth of journals and letters she began ‘Himalayas to Harrow’.

Surviving open heart surgery and being given a second chance convinced Shirley to share her amazing roller-coaster story. The romance of falling in and out of love, fashion, fine dining, heartbreak, tragedy, art, and meetings with Hollywood Elite, Royals, villains, and vagabonds, combine to enrich and colour her life. This book finishes at the birth of her son, Johann Wald – TV presenter and celebrity chef. A sumptuous story woven beautifully with spiritual touches to enchant and inspire you.

The book is now available on Amazon.

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