Kempinski Hotel Bahía Re-opens its Art Series Featuring works by Alejandro Hermann

Artist Alejandro Hermann with works from his collection

Kempinski Hotel Bahía Re-opens its Art Series with an exhibition of the latest works by Alejandro Hermann

Estepona, 28 June 2021 – From 7th of July till the 1st of August, Alejandro Hermann will exhibit his latest works at Kempinski Hotel Bahía.

Kempinski Hotel Bahía has always been associated with art and therefore delighted to announce the reopening of the Kempinski Art Series 2021, where selected artists will exhibit their works in the galleries and main art foyer of the hotel, as well as in the gardens and grounds surrounding the hotel.

About the Artist

For Alejandro Hermann, being an artist is above all a way of life. Originally from Buenos Aires (Argentina), he has been faithful to his philosophy of life in all the countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain) in which he has lived for personal or artistic reasons.

Curious to understand reality, this polyglot and multifaceted artist is passionate about various artistic currents before finally choosing abstract art as the one that brings together all the elements to bring the peace that he intends to convey.

Painting is a matter of maturity and personal growth. Alejandro Hermann has been painting, drawing and creating for more than 30 years. When he places the painters who have influenced him, big names like Marc Rotko, Anselm Kiefer or Pierres Soulages emerge. But it is the art and its history that really drives the creativity of this versatile artist.

About the Exhibition

During the last year of great change Alejandro Hermann took the opportunity to reflect on the importance of creative diversity to understand the evolution of the world around us. Thus, we discover a series of paintings representative of the different artistic movements to which he belonged. Emblematic works of Street Art, hyperrealism and abstract art illustrate the richness and genius of this artist’s career. And it is in the series of recent paintings called “800”, also presented at the Kempinski Hotel Bahía, where the maturity of the artist is shown. Now he dares to confront himself freely on the canvas with the density of the matter and the energetic rhythm given by his brushstrokes and vivid colors. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to take a journey into the forms and colours of years of personal and artistic evolution… a journey into the art of Alejandro Hermann.


The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on 7th of July from 19.30 to 21.30, however due to current restrictions we will host a cocktail reception each Wednesday during the month of July from 19.30 till 21.30, where guests can meet the artist in a more personalised setting in which the artist will have time to explain his works and the inspiration behind them.

Entry to this event is free of charge and open to the public.

However we must insist that guests pre-register in advance by emailing


Contact the Alejandro Hermann Gallery on TEL.: +34 952 848666 +34 672 781769

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