Red Penguin Gallery at Guarnieri, San Pedro

Loni Olfers come from a vibrant art scene in Amsterdam where she had been indoctrinated into art by her parents at a young age, to Marbella 8 years ago, bringing colourful modern contemporary art with her. The name of the gallery, which is certainly something different, came from the painting by William Sweetlove. She and many others, are convinced that art in a workplace makes for better productivity and also it lifts anyone’s moods. Mario Guarnieri approached her to open her gallery at his car showroom as art and fast cars go very well together….

Loni knows the artists personally, apart from the Chinese who she represents. She has a wall dedicated to COBRA artists, who were from a, avant-garde  movement between 1948 – 51 and has Appel and Corneille to name just 2.

Others represented are, among others, Elena Laveron, internationally known sculptress, Dirk Karsten, photographer for National Geographic, who has won numerous awards for his photos for them,  Otto Bachorik, a Slovakian painter who hangs in many museums and a young artist with his own special technique, called Joseph Kilmansky whose work is quite extraordinary.

The gallery wishes to promote master classes, make forums for art minded people wishing to expand their minds about this subject and their acquisitions and have lecturers, one of which will be the designer of the iconic PAGANI car. It is something missing in Marbella and is very interesting for us all.

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