Valentine’s Day In Spain

Romance is in the Air this Valentine’s Day Spain!


Valentine’s Day Spain is here again so 6 things to do without breaking the bank


The Costa del Sol has a lovely moonshine, so why not go for a romantic beach walk somewhere, hand in hand and if it’s too chilly, wrap yourselves up well and still go for that walk – when you get back to your home or to your hotel, think of the fun you might have unwrapping yourselves! If you have succeeded in your romantic quest, you may see fireworks…

Have a romantic picnic in a park, in the mountains or on the beach. Turn it into a Valentine’s day party and perhaps get other romantically minded friends to come along as well.  If money is tight this year, perhaps you can share in the costs.

Drive up to Ronda and have some delicious tapas in one of the many restaurants overlooking the Tajo Gorge. Stroll around the old town and eat at the Albacara restaurant by the Puente Nuevo bridge and share in the spectacular views over the countryside.

Take a drive down to Tarifa and have a day on the beach.  Then get dressed up in the evening and go into the quaint old town for some dinner, good wine and relax. Just a gentle reminder for the gentlemen – Throw in some flowers for the lady, we all love them and be charming, funny and don’t over do it with the drink!

Can you remember your first date? Why not try and re-enact it and maybe this time splurge out a bit more than when you shared that first moment together.

Go somewhere new that you both have perhaps been thinking about. It makes for a welcome freshness to any relationship, there are many beautiful small boutique hotels tucked away inland, it doesn’t have to be the old haunts, and by simply by changing the venue romance can take off again even if it’s been flagging!

My final thought for Valentine’s Day Spain is to simply have fun. Laugh. Flatter. Eat chocolates. Get unusual flowers all the things which makes a change from the norm. Go somewhere where she doesn’t have to cook, clean or do anything but enjoy herself. Go and treat yourselves to a relaxing spa, it works wonders on a tired person.

Let Cupid do his work once more, have romance and love hit you again and may it continue furthermore into your relationship.

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